Hi! I am Auxy

About Me

Here is Auxy. My main interest is in cyber security: Web Security, Browser Security and System Security. I also love discovering cloud computing and OS kernel.

In spare time, I will write blog or translate articles. Also enjoy studying economics and playing video game. After effect and video editing attract me a lot, but I am always not good at them.

Multi-linguist, welcome to use 粤语(Cantonese), 普通话(Mandarin), English to communicate with me. Currently studying 日本语(Japaneses).

Want to donate? Here is my bitcoin address: 1CFcCkzLH7LHGEbkpevhB8MrJaMusMdEvq


  • Emacs or Vim?
    • Vim
  • Space or Tab?
    • Tab
  • Mac or Linux?
    • Either
  • Programming Language?
    • Python, Scala, and C